How SonicEnergy Works

SonicEnergy’s innovative wireless technology uses ultrasonic transducer arrays to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy.

Then it transmits this energy through the air in a tightly focused beam, to power electronics tens of feet away. SonicEnergy is a safe and reliable wireless energy solution that can make the vision of an always on IoT network a reality.



The transmitter works like a regular audio speaker, except it transmits an ultra-high frequency sound that is imperceptible to the human ear. The transmitter is modular and can be scaled to an appropriate size for any application. Each transmitter can be customized to include functionalities such as dynamic beam forming, computer vision, mobile receiver tracking, and simultaneous multi-receiver support.


Like a microphone, the receiver picks up the ultrasound waves and converts the acoustic energy back into usable electrical energy via SonicEnergy’s proprietary ultrasonic transducers. The receivers can be charged either while they’re static or in motion. The receivers can be embedded directly into various electronic devices, or as retrofit kits to replace existing batteries or cords.

Enterprise Power
Management Software

SonicEnergy’s proprietary power management software allows users to monitor devices on a real time basis, and obtain insights on power levels, device health, sensor readings, and more. The information is stored securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and historical data can be used to analyze trends and predict future performance.

Safe and Reliable Wireless Power Solution

Safer. Smarter. Higher Power.

The Safety of Sound

Ultrasound is inherently safe and has been used in various applications for more than 50 years – from parking sensors to cleaning equipment. Unlike radio frequency emissions, ultrasound does not permeate surfaces or walls. If a person or an object is in between the transmitter and the receiver, SonicEnergy’s system will automatically stop.

Since it’s a contained system, SonicEnergy will not transmit acoustic energy outside its predefined beam. It’s the only wireless energy technology that’s safe for use in aircraft, cars, or hospitals, because it doesn’t generate any electromagnetic interference that could compromise the performance of other electronic devices.

Higher Density Power at a Distance

Because SonicEnergy’s technology is safe and non-invasive, it’s not limited by FCC power regulations. This allows SonicEnergy to achieve higher power density. We believe this will propel SonicEnergy into the leadership position for power transfer at a distance.

SonicEnergy vs Other Technologies

There are several other ways to transfer electrical power wirelessly – induction, magnetic resonance, RF and infrared lasers – all of which are electromagnetic. Issues with using electromagnetic energy to transfer power include interference, tissue penetration, material heating and strict FCC/FDA regulations capping power outputs.

Safety First

SonicEnergy has done extensive due diligence to ensure the safety of our ultrasound technology. We’ve studied decades worth of research. We’ve employed some of the best third party ultrasound and safety experts as well as top tier universities to ensure the entire system performs safely. All of our findings over the last 24 months indicate that SonicEnergy causes no adverse effects.


The Safe Way to Power a Wireless World

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasonic wireless energy sounds interesting. Can I test it?

Yes! We’ve developed a series of evaluation kits so you can test and validate the technology for your own application. The kits range from a basic transmitter and receiver combo to a computer-vision-aided transmitter with multiple receivers. Please contact to discuss your application needs with us.

When will I see this technology in the market?

SonicEnergy is licensing the wireless energy technology, and we work with our partners to build it into their products. The ultimate market release depends on our partners’ production processes and product launch timelines.

Is this technology safe?

Yes. Unlike electromagnetic waves (such as RF), ultrasound doesn’t penetrate the skin. In addition to that, the majority of the energy is deflected off the skin anyway. Furthermore, we’ve done more than 20 months of literature and safety studies, both internally and externally, with 3rd party research firms. The results are favorable, showing no observable safety impact.

How much power can SonicEnergy transmit?

While the exact amount of power is based on the size of the transmitter and receiver as well as the distance in between them, SonicEnergy can safely transmit watts-level power within a couple of feet, and milliwatt-level of power at tens of feet away.

What makes SonicEnergy better than other power harvesting technologies that are currently available?

While we believe there are applications suitable for energy harvesting, ultrasonic wireless energy can provide orders of magnitude more power than various energy harvesting methods, and do so safely. This provides IoT networks with Always On Wireless Power and allows the entire network to be more robust and resilient.

Is there a datasheet?

Yes. Our datasheet and application notes are available to our partners. Please contact to discuss your application needs with a SonicEnergy representative.

How mature is SonicEnergy’s technology? Are you ready to scale?

SonicEnergy has spent the last few years designing key proprietary components and ensuring that they are built for mass production. Recently, SonicEnergy has developed partnerships with contract manufacturers who have the capability to scale as needed.

How do I become a partner?

The first step is to start a conversation to make sure SonicEnergy’s ultrasonic wireless energy technology is a fit for your application needs.